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I have everything except the game!

Posted on 2005/08/29 22:15

Well, after 2 days of work (and time will be limited until next Saturday) I have everything except the game. I do have :

The only thing that I need now is the actual game code. It sholdn't be that difficult as I'm recycling an idea (and doing it a hell of a lot better) so I know the catches. Here's some gratatious screen shots (click to enlarge):

Yes, it's called PIG Pilot. That is of course in reference to the 'Pipeline Inspection Gauge' which is used to clear out pipes, not pork.

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Comment by mangobrain on 2005-08-29 22:37

Looking good - text rendering can be a real pain, as can functional main loops and menus in non turn-based games. Anyway, a few points:
- Some of the letters (e.g. the second 'e' in 'ushered') appear to be slightly rotated. Bug or just an error in the screenshot?
- I can't quite figure out what you mean by "and that colony planets were culturally streamlined". There's a grammar error in there somewhere (I apologise, I am a bit of a grammar nazi!)

You're a step or two ahead of me, anyway, so I should stop picking holes in other people's entries and get on with my own ;)
(I've finished some text rendering code with a lovely retro bitmap font, but have no functional menu yet.)

Comment by mangobrain on 2005-08-29 22:39

erk. I meant "streamed" in the above, not "streamlined" (although even after this, that sentence still doesn't read right to me). Apologies.

Comment by RobotGuy on 2005-08-30 18:54

I've checked that actual output and the rotated e's are there (they're not an artifact) and I think I know what's wrong but I can't be bothered to fix it yet. It will go on the 'I'll do it if I have time' list.

As to the wording, I meant that they colony planets were sponsered by counties and in general only people from a specific culture would live there (e.g. there would be a 'German' planet where only those who lived in Germany or whose family came from Germany in the past N generation got an automatic right to live). Again a more careful reading will be on the 'I'll do it if I have time' list.