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I'm done!

Posted on 2005/09/03 22:52

Well, I have a game, it runs, it plays and it doesn't look completely like crap. It could be better but not in 5 minutes. Go, download it and tell me how bad it is 'PIG Pilot'. Night.

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Comment by mangobrain on 2005-09-04 00:09

I downloaded this game because, as far as I could tell from the screenshot, it looked as though it might be similar to what I was trying to do with my own entry.
It is *fairly* similar - except in my version, you aren't stuck to the tunnel walls ;)
However, my version also lacks sound, doesn't store high scores, and is generally incredibly rough around the edges. I was too ambitious, and my job got in the way, amongst other things.

I like this game :) I do have one suggestion though: if you're going to use OpenGL, enable bilinear filtering on your textures!