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Final shot three
Final shot three


This is a team entry. The members are: Srekel, Jonex and xevz.

Team from the forum at

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We was in a hurry when we finaly made our submision, if you want to play the game now you really should try this (Python and Pygame included) instead.


Ok, I can give you some hints. In the beginning, build wind plants as fast as you can (once you're under $0 there is no possibility to build new plants) and connect them to blocks. You can't stay over zero, but if you've done everything right you will start to earn money when you reach $-5000 or something like that. After that you have to figure out a good strategy to earn as much money as possible.

To play this game you need Python 2.4 and PyGame 1.7.1, nothing else is needed. We've never seen the error about OrderedUpdates so it could be because your copy of PyGame is too old.

/ xevz


Well, it wouldn't be a one week entry if you didn't work into the last minutes would it? And since we totally suck at making sure we all are being useful we had a situation where Srekel and I waited into the last secs on the highscore system from xevz, unluckily it wasn't done in time and we had to submit without it. So you'll have to keep track of the clock and see how it stands in the end, where it will simply exit. Or you run it from the console and check the score on the command line when it exits.

What we also didn't have time for was tweaking the variable to make a reasonable easy game, but it is definately winnable, if you do it right. It's normal to be back some thousand for a while, just wait and make sure you have power for all the blocks you connect to.

Srekel is currently nagging me about posting a link to a video of the gameplay that he made so I guess I'll do that now: Nice moves, eh? [1.24 MB] It isn't entirely accurate on how the final version works and looks though, but it isn't much that differ. Also it's good if you prefer downloading a movie in 1.2MB to downloading a game in 120kB.

And now for what you all are waiting for, right? Screenshots:

So, now yo've seen how it looks, now go play it! (and beat that score in the last shot)


I haven't wanted to post any screenshots since they really say very little about what's really happening. Especially when you, like in this case, only have placeholder graphics.

This screenshot tells about how the buttons look and how the game places huts in grids and not on top of you power plants.

Unluckily much of the development have gone to creating the widget system, porbably much due to the fact that it's a requirement for the rest to work, but it really would have been better if we could've found working GUI to start with.

The game builds closely on pygame and pygame.sprite, but the design is good enough that you could make it a console game, although you'd still need pygame and images for the buildings.



Just to report, we decided to make a game about powerplants. Transport Tycoon for powerplants, done in one week. We have put up a wiki for project information at

As of now we have basic features made to the extent that you can build a plant and it will cost you money, and the plant will give back power each update and consume money each update. We still need to create:

  • A proper interface with information and buttons to choose wich plants to build e.t.c.
  • The different kind of plants we will have.
  • Graphics for plants, ground and interface.
  • Some kind of "ai" for towns that creates a demand for power.
If we get time we'll also want to create different ground conditions and water flow and maybe some kind of map editor.



In case someone missed it I'm reminding the team that we meet on IRC in #pyweek-swec on quakenet.

Also the team "leader" Srekel is having problems with his connection, so we'll have to do without him for the first days. So it would be nice if you all make sure to come up with, and share ideas for the game on irc when the second theme voting has been decided. (That's tommorow morning 02:00 CET).

We're also waiting for Srekel to accept xevz in the team. I hope that can be done even after the start, since Srekel, as I said, can't do it right now.


We'll kick ass!