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YAP (Yet Another Presentation)

Posted on 2005/08/19 12:38

Well I'm "Zig" (real name Mathieu), the hundredth entrant, and I use python mostly at work... So that one-week compo will be a "one week coding all the night and not during the day because the boss is gonna get mad" sort of week for me!

Before wandering into the realm of Python, I programmed a few things for the Game Boy Advance, among them a card game and a sound library. Low-level C code, *yuk*... Python is so much less of a hassle :-).

I don't have a single idea of what kind of game I will make this time, I just prefer to wait for the theme to be chosen before brainstorming...

I'm looking forward to playing the hundred games that will come out of this event!

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