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No QA during late night coding

Posted on 2005/09/05 12:41

Well, I booted into windows to try and make a py2exe thing. Didn't have any luck at all (problems with pyopengl, then problems with libz.. gave up). But I did find an incredibly embarrasing issue when running at low framerates. By default my video card is set up to cap at 60fps on windows, but on linux the game chugs along at a healthy 200fps. At the low framerate the AI calls get completely missed due to a completely inappropriate "if" statement.

If you want to try out the game as it was meant to be (i.e., with zombies fighting back!), open and change line 135 from

    if self.gameTime % self.goalPeriod == 0:


    if self.gameTime > self.goalPeriod:
        self.gameTime = 0

Please deduct many marks for complete lack of intelligence..

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