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This is a team entry. The members are: gizmo_thunder and kedar.

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pyweek_submission2.tar.gz FINAL SUBMISSION mostly final.. 2005-09-03.23:15Z 2.10 MB
pyweek_submission3.tar.gz FINAL SUBMISSION Finallly The Final Submission!! 2005-09-03.23:25Z 2.10 MB
pyweek_final.tar.gz FINAL SUBMISSION Final 2005-09-03.23:55Z 2.63 MB



Hi, guys i thought you might be interested in participating in an online game designing contest being conducted by IIIT-Hyderabad. Check out the technical events section in the website.
Details about the prize money
1st prize $150
2nd prize $100
3rd prize $50
Here are the links for the previous years' prize winning entries

And here is the link to my pyweek entry :) just in case.. PowerDefender

[17:37] Some Help Plz

Hi, i was wondering if somebody could tell me about how the game loop should be written. Coz i seem to have done something wrong with it. I used pygame and opengl so i hope richard could help me out here.

Plz tell us if you could not run our game...
and do mention your system details. 
once again the requirements of our game are
python 2.4
pil(python image library)
thank you :)
Very nice little shooter, difficulty doesn't increase which is a bit of a let down.
Hi, First of all Im' happy that you liked it. We intentionally made it 
easy to play, Actually if you play long enough, you will see that
more enemies keep approaching you each second.
We still could not create a windows binary for
our game :( using py2exe we get some error...
due to some overwriting problem with pyopengl.
And for running the game you have to run "pgame"
that file doesnt' have .py extension so if
you are in windows, plz rename it to ""
and run it.

If you are facing some problem with the controls
plz try pressing only one key at a time, combination
of two or more keys seems to cause some problems on
some systems.
Our game requires Python2.4, pygame, pyOpenGL, PIL ( python image library )
for running.. dont' forget to install these for running
it.. here is the url for pil download
PIL windows binary
i almost forgot.. there is a map editor provided along
with the game feel free to make your own maps... the only
constraint is that you have to put only one pplant on the 
map, and any number of other entities :). 
Note:pplant has to be the first element added to the map.
How To:
For running the map editor, you have to go to the directory
"mapeditor" in the game dir and type "python"
the map editor uses pyqt so you need to have pyqt installed
on your sys to run it.
Once you see the editor, first select "pplant" in the options,
and put it in the center of the map, then you can add any number
of objects "trees", land enemies "land", air enemies "air". Just 
make sure that you dont' put too many objects..(cmon its' python
give it a break). once you are done with it just close the ui
and copy the "" file to "maps/" ..
TadAAA!!! you have a new map.
We have not tested our game on
windows :( it should work fine
on windows too if you python, pygame
and pyopengl installed on your system.
sry for not providing the windows version
we will provide as soon as possible.
[12:53] Features
Wanted to mention some of the features
about our game.
1) completely 3D environment
2) Destructable surroundings.(we just have trees now :))
3) Two types of guns( flares(unlimited) and rockets(limited) )
4) Original 3D models. ( we could not do the textures
though.. we downloaded them and used them )
5) Random enemy generation( we generate enemies in the map 
randomly so you will always find the map different. )
OH i almost forgot.. there is a map editor provided along
with the game feel free to make your own maps... the only
constraint is that you have to put only one pplant on the 
map, and any number of other entities :). 
Note:pplant has to be the first element added to the map.
Actually we put it as  Power Saver :)) in the game menu,
which we thought was not that good so we changed
the name to Power Defender. 
We forgot to remove the default message on the screen which
shows "OUT OF AMMO FLARE" that was for testing.. the flare 
ammo is unlimited. Where as when it shows "OUT OF AMMO ROCKETS" 
thats' true coz you only have limited rocket ammo and you can 
pick them up in the game.
About the screen shots.. all of them are full screen shots..
could not get single window screen shots.. :( hope you guys
dont' mind :)
Here are some of the screen shots of the game.
Start Screen
Flights Bombing  Power Plant
Looking At Enemy
Happy Gaming
[01:13] Thank you
It's been a great week for our team.
There was always this doubt that we would
not be able to make something reasonable 
by the end of it but then we have sucessfully
made a submission :)
I would like the organizers for conducting
this event... it really was fun.
Looking forwoard to playing many games :)
how do i make sure that 
there is no system dependent code
in my game? i mean im' developing on
a (FC4) linux system and i dont' have access
to windows system can i just submit
the tar ball of my python code? or
do i have to do some kinda packaging??
plz help

Hi, we are working on something like a fps game where you will have to protect the power plant(s). some of the basic stuff is done.. hope we will be able to put up some screen shots soon :)