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Map editor for the game

Posted on 2005/09/05 17:07
i almost forgot.. there is a map editor provided along
with the game feel free to make your own maps... the only
constraint is that you have to put only one pplant on the 
map, and any number of other entities :). 
Note:pplant has to be the first element added to the map.
How To:
For running the map editor, you have to go to the directory
"mapeditor" in the game dir and type "python"
the map editor uses pyqt so you need to have pyqt installed
on your sys to run it.
Once you see the editor, first select "pplant" in the options,
and put it in the center of the map, then you can add any number
of objects "trees", land enemies "land", air enemies "air". Just 
make sure that you dont' put too many objects..(cmon its' python
give it a break). once you are done with it just close the ui
and copy the "" file to "maps/" ..
TadAAA!!! you have a new map.
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