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Power Defender Screen Shots :)

Posted on 2005/09/04 17:10
Actually we put it as  Power Saver :)) in the game menu,
which we thought was not that good so we changed
the name to Power Defender. 
We forgot to remove the default message on the screen which
shows "OUT OF AMMO FLARE" that was for testing.. the flare 
ammo is unlimited. Where as when it shows "OUT OF AMMO ROCKETS" 
thats' true coz you only have limited rocket ammo and you can 
pick them up in the game.
About the screen shots.. all of them are full screen shots..
could not get single window screen shots.. :( hope you guys
dont' mind :)
Here are some of the screen shots of the game.
Start Screen
Flights Bombing  Power Plant
Looking At Enemy
Happy Gaming
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