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This is having a negative effect on my productivity.

Posted on 2005/08/30 21:46

This is the tunnel through which you will be flying. It's an incredibly fanciful rendition of the interior of a particle accelerator (ring type, but immense, so I don't have to bother with dead ends or rendering curvature).

It has also had me mesmerised for about the last ten minutes - if the screenshot was animated, it'd show both the texture scrolling to simulate moving down the tunnel, and the camera sweeping a slow random path over the cross section. If I can stop looking at it for long enough, I need to start adding a menu, a control mechanism, and objects for you to shoot at and/or crash into at immense speed. Then, if I have any time left, lots and lots of eyecandy.

I'm reasonably impressed with the tunnel texture work; it's meant to look like wires/circuitry, and has almost turned out exactly how I envisaged. If anyone knows anywhere I could find texture tiles based on *real* circuit boards, I'd love to drop some in and see what it looks like. (The bitmap fonts used for the logo and string rendering weren't done by me, they were taken from the site listed a few entries back.)

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Comment by Cowz on 2005-08-30 21:47

Looks fantastic. I can't wait to play!

Comment by Patrick Stein on 2005-08-30 22:12

The techno category at has some circuit boards. But, they'll take some work to make tileable.

Comment by Michal Wallace on 2005-08-31 01:01

That looks awesome!

Comment by Oluseyi on 2005-08-31 02:00