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Posted on 2005/08/31 02:10

Since sen was busy and could not immediatly design the game, I took it upon myself to design it. With only 4 days left, I had to start on whatever. However I had still needed a game idea, and I got one. My thought process went something like: power->power in numbers->zombies(I love zombies)->playing as zombies would be boring->you kill zombies with firepower->power: though superior firepower. So yeah, it is a zombie survival game of some sort where you need to aquire the proper firepower and use certain tactics. Although I am still kicking around the idea of controlling a zombie horde. Although that would be too easy. The zombies always win. So at about the 4.1 day mark, I started code. I have most of the graphics rendering up, including animation stuff. Hopefully I can finish this thing.

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