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Well, we did ok

Posted on 2005/09/03 23:55

We have a playable game. We started 3 days late, and I could not write code every day. I probably should have used pgu instead of writing the sprite engine from scratch. The game came togather well enough. We did not have time to have weapon pickups (you start with all 3). We also didnt have time to make the bulldozer or menus. I recommend you stick to the pistol for a more authentic experience. keep an eye on (not up yet) for updates if you wanna see it done. It was fun. Good luck everyone. Special thanks to the artists (both good friends) Elijah and Sen (not real name) Also it is the hackiest piece of code anyone will ever see. I also wrote an editor. play around with that if you want Also we didnt have time for ammmo boxes. You now start with 2500. That was a key feature to add to the fear :( If you have an issue, saying it could load files, it is probably because we developed on windows and case sensetivity is not enforced. I dont know if this problem exists, but if it does you can go into data/graphics and make sure index.txt contains files with the proper cases.

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