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Posted on 2005/09/04 01:16

Some may be wondering what zombies has to do with power. The inspiration is "power in numbers". Although I dont think we put in enough zombies. See diary for earlier entry with more about it Another thing. It may seem that it doesnt take the same number of hits to kill a zombie. Well, it doesnt. It is a probability that every hit you kill the zombie. The point being not all shots are headshots. Although the 2nd 2 guns have better probabilities. Dont use e mthough. Too easy.

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Comment by Elosh on 2005-09-04 12:01

How could you guys just like jack my name? And you know something, I didn't fight zombie cops! They were regular cops I say! Just extremely drunk! Seriously, though, awesome game. Loved it a lot.

Double fisting there anything better?