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Completed.. I hate modems :d

Posted on 2005/09/03 16:23

Well, finally finished.. The compiled size is 6Mb, took half an hour to upload with this modem I have here. But it seems that the session has timed out, or something :( The fun thing is, that I somehow expected that things would not go so smooth..

Ah, now I'm uploading it to a safe place, and will link it. I can't wait to get to the hostell next week, I miss speedy internet :D

It's done! Here's the link! Enjoy :) (6Mb)
MD5( fcbc5b28a7facb3ca1fed86ca66280ff

I think there's still plenty to work on the game, but given the time this is a reasonable advancement.
Also, seeing Your screenshots, I'm very eager to play the games you made!

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Comment by dOb on 2005-09-03 20:58

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 986, in ?
pygame.error: Module format not recognized

Happens right when I try to start it up :/