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This is a team entry. The members are: ryanw, rpavlicek, julie_larson, yusufm, ultrageekdave and morningstar.

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pencil_quest.src.tar.gz FINAL SUBMISSION Pencil Quest, source code only 2005-09-03.23:45Z 29 KB


[17:06] Whoops...

Amazing what not enough sleep will do... Looks like our final submission had an incorrect value for the game state update time. If you want the Pencil Quest experience to be a little snappier, change line 159 of client/interface.py from:

if self.update_time > 200: # XXX At the moment, as fast as possible.

if self.update_time > 0: # XXX At the moment, as fast as possible.

Have fun! Just a reminder, you need to download the full package from here to play.

[15:33] Screen shot

We didn't have time to post a screen shot before the challenge ended, so I've went ahead and put one up:


We are all done! We had some problems getting all the data files uploaded, so we are hosting the entire package with source over here:

The md5sum for the tar.gz is:
e192f561baef2ac346110900ad1b812f *pencil_quest.tar.gz

Thanks! - UltraGeeks


This is the beginning but it will not be the end.