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Anyone having errors on my game...

Posted on 2005/09/06 03:31

I had trouble uploading the whole file here, so the is JUST the source - no data. You MUST download the file in order to play. It comes with the source and the data.

Been getting some good comments so far, thanks all! I guess richard turned on comments? Anyway, this is planned to be a first act in probably a 3 act story. There will be quite a twist in the second act, pay attention to the heros attitude during the tutorial for a clue :) I wish we could have done the 10 levels we planned in the begining but about halfway through, we realized that it would be impossible to balance 10 levels. I'm not even sure the 5 levels we included are very balanced.

One of the major problems currently is that the footman unit is a total wuss. The only useful thing about footmen is that you don't have to worry about power, so they can be useful. But they die pretty quick against mechs! It's probably easiest to win if you mostly purchase robots, with maybe a few health upgrades in there as well.

At the last minute when I knew we wouldn't have time to play through the entire set I ended up just increasing how much money you get. The first level is likely the most challenging level in the game because you will have more units later on :) But I still haven't played all the way through it.

One last tip: Try and limit the number of enemy units you fight - on most levels they only come after you if you come within a certain distance. You can use this to your advantage. When only fighting one or two units, you can often set it up to where you are firing and then running away and they can't get a hit in, at least with your main hero who is faster.

I am pretty proud of what we acomplished in just a week. Probably the most solid hours I've ever worked on a project ever. I am glad I didn't have a job or school or any other things to get in my way :) Hmm, but now that it's over I get to feel bad about my unemployment again. Yay!

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