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Posted on 2005/09/02 06:23

Last night the game finally got to a state where it was fun to play. Me and Don Blake had a blast testing level 1 for a few hours trying out different strategies. You get a choice before the mission of which units to buy which is pretty cool. There are basically two paths to choose. You can buy two mechs and walk over the mountains working your way around killing the enemy units, but you have a tougher time making it to the power stations before running out of power; because the mountains slow you down a lot. The other option is to buy a bunch of footmen and go across the bridge. Footmen don't have to worry about power, and you can use them as bait to lure the enemy units in range for your hero to do a mighty missile attack. We were able to complete the level either way without too much trouble.

This was a major milestone in development, as we got to the point where instead of adding major new systems and drawing a bunch of graphics, we are adding little tiny things that have a large effect on gameplay. It is a little more boring and slower pace. Also, since most of the graphics are done except for detail passes and touch-ups; and the story is completely written, Don has very little to do. So it's basically at somewhat of a plateu. You could call it writers block, except that there are a whole lot of things that we want to do, but we've lost a lot of motivation and momentum to do them.

Well, we still have tomorrow and saturday to work, so hopefully we can add all of the boring things that must be added without getting too burned out! If we don't then we'll end up with an awesome set of 3 tutorials and one well-balanced mission; which is still a valiant effort, just far short of the 10 epic story-filled levels we planned!

Oh and I didn't post any new screenshots because everything looks the same. graphics are done, gameplay is king.

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