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Voting week 2 - comment response - mech revolution EXE

Posted on 2005/09/12 17:18

Week 2 of voting is now upon us. I have almost completed voting all the games so far, there are quite a few good ones. It's a very impressive showing! There are still a couple that I haven't tried, and a few that I have tried that I don't feel confident voting for yet. Good work everyone!

I suppose since everyone else is doing comment response, why don't I do one too? Might be cathartic. A few of the comments were - interesting.

Well, thanks for the comments everyone!

If you still have not played my game, you can download the python version, or the windows exe version.
Python version, 8 megs md5=983ba79b8c3c1e4c39e0bd4d8d6e5b4a
Windows version, 11 megs md5=7eaef4e0d0364308e6c81ea4d80f44c6
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