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We have made some progress. Just a little bit ;)

Posted on 2005/09/01 00:33

Wow, I mean, wow. I can't believe we went from ugly tech demo to awesome game with decent graphics in one day. It's an actual game already! And now we have 3 days to make the levels really good and get the balance right. Check out these pics:

Here we have the beginings of the EPIC - and very cliche - story.

Here is what happens when people attack...

And here is what happens when they get attacked.

And here is the ultimate attack in the game lol

Now comes the fun part - playing our game over and over again tweaking it forever until the deadline. See you all at the finish line and good luck with your entries...

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Comment by Impossible on 2005-09-01 02:37

Can't wait to play this one.