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More Quido Goodness (Video)

Posted on 2005/09/01 16:00

This is a render of one of Quido's beasts. Just a concept animation, thought it might be worthy of a post - we're having a remarkably productive night tonight, even after working full time hours all week! The final ingame animation will be top down view, 2D rendered. Nice work Trix! Yo be one bad ass 3d mofo!

Mutated Beast Running Video! (2Mb)

Another video is more top down in the rough size it'll be on screen. Enjoy!
Mutated Beast Running Video Top Down! (70kb)
Hmm noticed a bit of jerkyness with the last small video in MediaPlayer9. Works fine in 10 and MPC. =)

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Comment by Cowz on 2005-09-01 16:04