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Some notes on Overflow

Posted on 2005/09/04 11:45

Our 3d models hit a snag on the final day, apparently the cal3d exporter from blender doesn't translate coordinates for transforms (like scale) correctly so our beautiful animations were shot. *sigh*

We also lack full network support. Has code to connect to a metaserver but that's as far as we got. Next release...

Lastly, and most important to note, the credits left out one of our music composers, Tom Gersic, who remixed our title/menu music from the original C64 game "Overload". Much appologies to him and the author of the "His Spirit" SID who were left out.

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Comment by Patrick Stein on 2005-09-08 19:17

I'm pretty sure that cal3d does not support scaling bones. I don't think it's just the blender exporter.

Comment by Arc on 2005-09-09 11:40

That wasn't the issue. The cal3d exporter didn't translate global coordinates to local coords to handle object scaling, but instead, you must be very careful that both the mesh and armeture are placed correctly before parenting, and if scaling is needed, to only preform it in edit mode...

I've since gotten animation to work correctly, but will have to redo all the animations I did during pyweek.