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Soya 0.10.1 Released Today

Posted on 2005/08/20 21:50

Especially for PyWeek, Soya 0.10.1 has been released today.

This release includes several bugfixes and the addition of SDL_Mixer support as an optional alternative to OpenAL. Both libraries use an identical API for 3d sound within Soya, so supporting both based on a player's configuration is easy.

The source and tutorials can be downloaded at:

Windows binaries can be downloaded at:

An experimental ebuild for Gentoo is also available at:

Packages for other systems should be available soon on the Soya homepage.

Again, if you need help learning or using Soya, connect to and join #Soya. You can also join our mailing list from the Soya homepage:

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Comment by korg on 2005-08-27 16:36

Ah, if only it supported linux ppc. :)