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Soya 0.10.1 near release

Posted on 2005/08/19 00:25

Jiba just returned from vacation and has a whole slew of bugfixes ready for the next release of Soya. Amoung the new features is SDL_mixer support, which should make Windows hackers a bit happier. More TBA when the release happens.

Realising how close we are to the beginning of the competition, we're pledging to provide top-priority assistance to any individual or team also using Soya to upgrade to the new version.

Our mailing list is "soya-user" hosted at, listed on the Soya project page, and we're (of course) lurking #Soya on

All in all, it's better to release the bugfixes now rather than have competitors struggle to work around known bugs only to release after the competition. We're trying to get this release out ASAP to give everyone a chance to look over the changes before the competition begins.

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