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close, but no cigar

Posted on 2005/09/04 00:28

well. it's over. we didn't quite ship a working game, but we did show off a lot of stuff. No food or eggs or ladders or even the soccer ball... But we did get backgrounds, a transparent status display, music, metabolism (though we're faking feeding the kiwi food automatically) and semi-real physics.

We were hoping to get at least the soccer bal it into the final release but it got traded in for loading levels from a file. Even then we only managed to get two in, and one of them doesn't work. :/

So, we won't be winning a contest, but we do have the makings of a cool game here. There's already been some talk on IRC about continuing the project and restrategizing for the next pyweek. We're going to try and meet up tomorrow on #trailblazer around 8PM EST to talk things over.

Thanks everyone for all your hard work! I know *I* had a blast and learned all kinds of things. I hope you guys had fun too.

Okay, hope to see you all tomorrow. I'm going to get some sleep.

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Comment by Toby on 2005-09-05 12:33

I died through lack of calories so soon after starting the level that I didn't work out how to control the kiwi. I'll come back to this game if you can help me out.