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was the whole team supposed to register? :)

Posted on 2005/08/26 22:14

I hope this is okay. We've got about 11 people on my team, but only the one team entry (except for one guy who already had an account here). Do I need to get everybody into the system?

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Comment by Richard Jones on 2005-08-26 22:29

No, you don't, unless each of those members wants to be able to vote and judge. Also, only one of you will be able to write diary entries, upload screenshots etc.

Comment by Michal Wallace on 2005-08-26 22:37

Cool. I'll bring it up at the irc meeting for anyone who wants to vote then. Thanks!

Comment by Richard Jones on 2005-08-26 22:39

Better hurry - rego will close in a bit over an hour.