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what the kiwi game does

Posted on 2005/09/12 10:05

Just a quick note on the comments. We don't have much of a game here. We basically aimed really high on this project, and just ran out of time. We didn't manage to check in much of a game, so of course we're not going to win this contest. However, I think we do have some interesting technology here.

Here's what's going on:

Much of the system is also written in a semi-literate style, with test cases and documentation interspersed throughout the code. That's part of what the trailblazer concept was about, though that part didn't quite go off the way I'd expected.

So anyway, we didn't finish and what we have doesn't look like much, but check under the hood and you might find that there's some interesting stuff going on. We're planning another week long sprint to happen in a few weeks. Meanwhile, I'm hoping to have time this week to at least get the levels loading so we can actually play!

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