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combat1.jpg First pass at combat screen 2004-10-16.09:10Z 29 KB
combat2.jpg Playable, AI works! 2004-10-16.22:03Z 31 KB
map1.jpg Start of random map 2004-10-17.02:21Z 20 KB
map2.jpg finished map generator 2004-10-17.05:20Z 23 KB
map2-big.jpg finished map generator (full size) 2004-10-17.05:20Z 83 KB
combat3.jpg better combantants 2004-10-17.08:09Z 18 KB
done1.jpg Final version. 2004-10-18.02:00Z 161 KB
ButtonLands.zip FINAL GAME 2004-10-18.02:02Z 1.07 MB