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screen1.jpg Wow, a tiled Jump'n'Run landscape. 2004-10-16.10:11Z 22 KB
ScreenShot001.jpg I have now a player figure (that skinny blue thing) with collision detection. Yay. 2004-10-16.12:35Z 21 KB
ScreenShot003.jpg The player looks better now, I think. 2004-10-16.15:00Z 20 KB
ScreenShot005.jpg Okay, it's getting hot. 2004-10-16.16:25Z 23 KB
ScreenShot006.jpg This fire should look better 2004-10-16.16:35Z 22 KB
ScreenShot007.jpg Moles throwing earth chunks. 2004-10-16.22:51Z 25 KB
ScreenShot008.jpg Fire fountains! 2004-10-16.22:52Z 26 KB
ScreenShot009.jpg Added cave background. 2004-10-17.00:53Z 28 KB
ScreenShot012.jpg Main Menu 2004-10-17.17:00Z 24 KB
escave.zip Submission 2004-10-18.01:25Z 1.61 MB
escave2.zip Final submission, including one more DLL now 2004-10-18.01:43Z 1.79 MB