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200410161711.png Yeah, that's it. Not much.. :) 2004-10-16.14:14Z 1 Kb
200410162028.png Still not much visual progress. The red dots are for debugging/testing purposes. 2004-10-16.17:30Z 3 KB
200410162159.jpg First nice looking screenshot with coder-debug-colors, no gameplay yet. 2004-10-16.19:01Z 40 KB
200410170137.jpg Random colors for the growing thing, gameplay is still missing. 2004-10-16.22:38Z 91 KB
200410170358.jpg First signs of gameplay! 2004-10-17.00:58Z 46 KB
200410171746.jpg Adding some gameplay elements 2004-10-17.14:47Z 83 KB
200410172341.jpg Shaping up, added sound. 2004-10-17.20:43Z 59 KB
200410180145.jpg Added level done & game over screens. 2004-10-17.22:46Z 57 KB
200410180236.jpg Title screen 2004-10-17.23:37Z 22 KB
blightwarrior100.zip Windows binaries of the finished game. 2004-10-17.23:41Z 731 KB
blightwarrior100-src.zip Source package. 2004-10-17.23:50Z 68 KB