2005/04/21 08:36:49.790 GMT+1000

Does my entry really crash some systems? o_O

It doesn't under Windows XP... *cough*

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Comment by alia on 2005/04/21 09:48:51.542 GMT+1000

SEPWOMM! (sombody elses problem - works on my machine!) Sounds like im at work! :)

Comment by whatadorkiam on 2005/04/21 12:16:58.472 GMT+1000

It crashed my machine hard, WIN XP SP2

Comment by Hippo on 2005/04/21 14:11:27.127 GMT+1000

Hmm... well... everyone should a) not try my game, and b) imagine Doom 3 when rating it. ;)

Comment by korg on 2005/04/21 14:45:24.599 GMT+1000

Sheesh! Expecting odd addresses to actually execute... sheesh, no sense of portability... :)


You should have atleast used random and bitshifted it to give an address with _some_ chance of actually working :).

I did quite like the line:

/*HaHa*/#define p write_sector//HAHA

quite funny... (thus the laughing I guess :)

Comment by Hamumu on 2005/04/22 00:47:16.220 GMT+1000

Yeah it does under windows XP!
(Pro SP1)