2005/04/19 23:17:11.448 GMT+1000

Your absolutely correct my use of the theme was terrible. At night monsters popup much more frequently but that is essentially all. I added the monster does more damage the better your weapon was last minute and didn't think of the consequences. It would have been much better to base monster damage on your current HitPoints instead.

I doubt it is even possible to win against the two dragons as they have a rediculusly strong atk and def score. Anyway sorry for inflicting this on the testers, heheh. I'll be sure to do better next year and not make a stupid RPG. Damn content driven games :o)

edit: Oh and I forgot to mention my all encompassing excuse. I'm new.

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Comment by Hamumu on 2005/04/20 04:28:45.751 GMT+1000

Have you seen what happens if you buy the $50 armor without upgrading your weapon? You get stuck permanently in combat, because neither one of you can hit the other!

Comment by hitman200ca on 2005/04/20 04:41:03.029 GMT+1000

I actually just found that out. Talk about not spending any time play testing. I borked playability completely. Thanks for trying it anyway though. :o)