2005/04/21 11:46:30.202 GMT+1000

Well that was my first LD48 and boy, was it a learning experiance (sadly not enough XP to put me up a level though :)

Yes, pygame is a plus and a minus. My time to get something appearing on the screen was very short. My time to get what I _wanted_ on the screen was very long. Infact too long.

Being able to write a short program to draw a transparent object to the screen a day before the comp, doesnt mean you knock up a library to blat it ontop of a colorkey'ed tile surface during the comp. :)

I spent most of the sunday day (pretty well the whole thing) trying to get the graphics working. I should have abandononed it as soon as I had problems and got my game play going. Im sure people would have been more forgiving of a program with crap graphics and _SOME_ gameplay than they would be with my current entry, which has graphics but no gameplay. *sigh*. Annoyingly my idea would have worked fine just with 2D draw commands and I should have just bitten the bullet and gone with that ;).

The only current bit of game play is to fire up an editor and edit the level files at data/maps/level0 although you might also need to nuke the data/maps/level0.calc file after you do. Currently only 'M'arine spawns do much of anything (give out light and thats it). Thrilling, isnt it? :)

Oh well, next time.... ;)

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