2005/05/04 17:59:44.719 GMT+1000

Many thanks for a good game all, and thankyou to the hosts. You did a great job.
I like the current anonymous scoring system, though can we have a description field with each disqualification nomination? I'm a bit alarmed that I received one and would like to know why.

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Comment by whatadorkiam on 2005/05/04 22:51:02.783 GMT+1000

I absolutely agree as I am alarmed on the number of DQ votes given to so many, since NONE were given during the last competition. This would certainly help us all to understand why we were voted to be DQ'd

Comment by Codexus on 2005/05/05 02:32:56.090 GMT+1000

I was a bit surprised to have received two myself. I guess those people felt my game did not comply with the theme as my game had no real darkness in it.
Well as I explained in my post-mortem, my original idea included darkness but in order to have a playable and fun game at the end of the 48 hours I had to drop that part.
So I can understand their vote, even though I personally would not vote for anyone to be disqualified unless it was an obvious case of major cheating.

Comment by Jolle on 2005/05/07 04:48:29.207 GMT+1000

The rules say
"Finally, entrants may vote that an entry be disqualified for one of three reasons:
- Did not follow the theme of the competition,
- Did not work on the target platform, or
- Entrant cheated."

So if the program for any reason crashed, or whatever, people may have voted for disqualification. Also, it was posted a reminder about the disq. voting at the time of the voting, so maybe people just remembered to do disq. voting this time.

Personally, I only voted Dcower for disq., but as it wasn't a serious entry, it probably was overkill.