Richard Jones' Log: Random stuff

Sat, 16 Jul 2005

I got to shake Neil Gaiman's hand last night :)

Rachel and I also saw Sin City last night. Great film. We paid $29 for the experience. I bought A Fish Called Wanda on DVD (commentary by John Cleese, second disc full of extras) for $12.98 on the same day. Now, tell me again why the cinemas are struggling?

I'm working on the PyWeek code, and have discovered some neat Zope Products that have made life a little easier. Zope's still really nice to work with, but there's some parts that are just plain obscure (I really wish there was a nicer way to _Add_Diary_Entry_Permission = ('Manager', 'Entrant') - which doesn't always work)

Comment by James Kew on Sun, 17 Jul 2005

Are cinemas struggling? The ones near me (Northern California, USA) seem to be thriving, despite the MPAA's continued posturing on piracy.

Your language is interesting; $13 bought you a DVD, but $29 bought you an experience.

And that's why I love the cinema: it's not just the big screen and big sound, it's the experience of watching a film with a bunch of other people. It can be a horrible experience with a bad audience; but with a good audience, a film becomes something more that what you buy on DVD. (Best cinema experiences: Touching The Void, with a full audience totally rapt and silent; Finding Nemo, with an audience of families and young kids, who were completely entranced.)