Richard Jones' Log: The state of rational debate about art

Tue, 27 May 2008

Oh for fucks sake:

Victorian Premier John Brumby says he probably leans towards saying that Bill Henson's controversial photographs of naked youths "crossed the line" [from art to pornography].

Speaking on radio 3AW today, Mr Brumby said he had not seen the photographs.

Anyone who has seen the one (NSFW) image from the Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery exhibition available to the public (or any of his prior exhibitions, apparently) can attest that there's absolutely nothing you could describe as "sexualisation".

Comment by Alan Green on Thu, 19 Jun 2008

Art is safe for work, surely.

Comment by Richard on Thu, 19 Jun 2008

I can think of plenty of art that many viewers would find confronting. This art clearly is. Quite inappropriate for a workplace.