Richard Jones' Log: Need For Speed, day 1

Mon, 22 May 2006

I got into Iceland at 3pm yesterday (after 22 hours in the air) and caught a taxi to the hotel with effbot, Richard Emslie and Bob Ippolito.

Sean has some photos from yesterday afternoon and evening. The nice people at CCP games hosted a welcome party during which we heard from them and the EWT hosts. Lots of emphasis from both companies about how Python has given them such an incredible advantage in the development cycle (EVE was re-written 11 times over its 7 year development before initial release 3 years ago and is still mutating), but the performance could be better. And that's why we're here.

It was great talking to some of the CCP guys about their game and working in Iceland. It all got a little muddled though (no sleep and Icelandic beer make Richard confused). Unfortunately I don't have a camera (the phone doesn't seem to be working here - I'm not sure that SMS even makes it). I was going to buy a camera on the way, but the delayed flight ended up stopping that (Singapore was pretty much closed, I didn't have time to go shopping in Heathrow and the prices here in Iceland are about 3x those at home). Anyway, others do have cameras so I'm hoping that they take lots of photos like Sean has been.

This morning we're going to all get together and do some planning of how we're going to spend the week.

Comment by Paul Winkler on Mon, 22 May 2006

you... lucky... bastards.
I've visited Iceland twice, but never for hacking. I love it there, such a beautiful place.