Richard Jones' Log: Patterns in Python

Mon, 19 Jun 2006

Melbournians will recognise the pattern (I hope ;) For non-locals, the pattern adorns the external walls of Federation Square here in Melbourne. I think it's pretty cool :)

Code to generate it (requires pygame).

The pattern is called "Pinwheel Aperiodic Tiling" and is named for the pinwheel shape I've highlighted. Click the thumb for a full-size (well, 640x480 anyway) pattern.

Comment by Gavin Baker on Thu, 22 Jun 2006

Don't know if you're a Mac user or not, but there's a brilliant program called NodeBox that you might find interesting. It gives you a programmatic interface to Quartz graphics, and allows all sorts of amazing graphics and animations, scripted in none other than Python. It is being used for all sorts of interesting projects, from boids simulations to graphic art. It's worth having a look at the Gallery for a taste of what it can produce.

Comment by Richard Jones on Thu, 22 Jun 2006

I am a Mac user, but I prefer to stick to cross-platform APIs as I'm predominantly a Linux user.