Richard Jones' Log: pyglet update

Fri, 12 Jan 2007

Over Christmas and the New Year I've finally had some chances to get my hands dirty and contribute some more pyglet code (beyond the meagre xlib code I added many moons ago). I've been working on the 2D scene code:

  • rendering of rect and hex maps to a viewport (usually whole window)
  • loading a tileset and map from an XML spec
  • running a simple simulator driving a sprite around that map

Points of interest:

  • you can have many maps of differing dimensions and offsets in layers
  • views may be anchored, allowed to scroll and asked to stick to map boundaries
  • map cells may have a tile (image) and/or properties (or nothing)
  • map / tileset loading is done through a new generic resource loader which is easily extensible

Still to do:

  • events for sprites / tiles -- mouse enter/leave, button press, mouse drag (this has been designed and partially implemented)
  • sprite collision
  • resource saving

Alex has been incredibly productive working on the layout code (which now has funky event generation), but I'll let him describe that work. It's so cool.

I hope to start the "intro to pyglet" tutorial soon...