Richard Jones' Log: PyPI comes in handy, again

Thu, 26 Feb 2004

A friend just asked me "is there any transparent CORBAlike product for python?" Now, I know there is, but I couldn't recall details. So I poked at the PyPI browse interface... "Software Development" ... "Object Brokering" and there's the list of tools.


I still need to think of a way to address the issue of people not hiding releases... Maybe I should alter the code so it auto-hides un-hidden releases when you add a new one. The single-visible-release use-case is probably the more common one...

Comment by chris on Sun, 29 Feb 2004

Yes, I'd vote for auto-hiding. For me it was not instantly obvious that I should have to hide old releases.

BTW: In the form, where you can manually add or edit a PyPI entry, can you add the description of the fileds from the distutils manual as tooltips?

Comment by John Lee on Tue, 30 Mar 2004

Me too. Even better if register had, say, a --hide switch made hiding old releases the default, and --dont-hide-version allowed listing exceptions: register --hide --dont-hide-version='0.1.2' --dont-hide-version='0.1.1'

I think I've actually failed to submit to PyPI at all for some releases, just because I couldn't be bothered to manually hide old releases (I didn't realise the details of the web interface were considered public until just now when I sought out the PEP).

Comment by Richard on Tue, 30 Mar 2004

As noted in later comments in my weblog, I altered the behaviour to hide previous releases by default, as this is by far the most common use-case.

Perhaps getting one of those --dont-hide switches into the next release of Python would be possible...