Richard Jones' Log: The 3rd Pyhon Game Programming Challenge is all done!

Sun, 24 Sep 2006

PyWeek #3 has now finished with the judging results coming in and declaring the winners to be:

Individual - Bouncy the Hungry Rabbit*
Team - Typus Pocus

Congratulations to everyone who entered!

The next PyWeek will be in March, 2007.

*: yes, that's my entry! Yay me :)

Comment by kabutor on Wed, 27 Sep 2006


Im having a look at your code, and the is nice I think I can use it is yours? :)

I suppose is undergpl as the rest of the license, but I think you must add some header to the files ..

Comment by Richard Jones on Wed, 27 Sep 2006

The objloader was added to the PyGame CookBook. I enhanced it there and the version in Bouncy is a further-enhanced version.