Richard Jones' Log: Quickies

Wed, 22 Nov 2006

Just some quickies today:

  • OSDC is only a couple of weeks away and the program is looking quite good.
  • My OSDC talks are progressing, but slower than I'd hope since I've spent most of my time in the last couple of weeks doing the proceedings book and Abbey's party.
  • I'm booked for PyCon and waiting for rego to open.
  • Selenium has assertTextNotPresent but the docs and implementation are identical to assertTextPresent (same for verify...) which is a bit of a shame. Bug report here.
  • Alex is still making great progress on pyglet, even given various platform dependent bugs/features.
  • The Python Journal has been re-launched as The Python Papers. Same content, just a different name. We have a domain so there will be a prettier website eventually I hope.