Richard Jones' Log: Roundup 0.7 release sooo close

Sun, 21 Mar 2004

I finished off the RDBMS full-text indexing code this morning, meaning that the TODO list for the 0.7 release of Roundup (which has been a long-time coming) now consists of:

  • Converting the currently string-only RDBMS tables to proper data types,
  • Converting the other backends to use numeric IDs, and
  • Performing lots of upgrade tests (for upgrading from 0.6).

Update (6 hours later): postgresql backend is now fully typed, with numeric ids. Sqlite backend uses most of the same code, and happily ignores the datatype declarations :) Now for MySQL. Eugh

Comment by Darryl VanDorp on Tue, 23 Mar 2004


Oh, and you're going to "Remember me" too. Cool.

Looking forward to no global lock.

Comment by Richard on Wed, 24 Mar 2004

I screwed up the "Remember me?" cookie - the path is wrong, so it'll remember you for a particular post, but not the weblog as a whole ;)