2004/10/18 11:47:12.622 GMT+1000

Download SokoBomb! 2.9MB now! (Includes source)

Plot: There is a random evil plague at a random facility. Can you complete the random task through the random rooms, filled with random boxes that some random robot has randomly placed in the random room. You might encounter some randomy guy. And yes, the game is endless, you can stop playing at level 492.

Edit: Known bugs:
Player gets Invisible when hitting space
Can only handle one bubble, causing them to appear buggy
Bubbles is out of screen sometime
Exitrooms startdoor is faulty
If stuck in first room on a level, there is no way to reset the room, you'll have to selfDestruct
Readme says that gamepad control is possible, this is wrong, I took it out before the deadline (To prevent possible bugs)

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