2004/10/18 10:29:10.748 GMT+1000

Okay, that's it, it's time for a cup of tea and a to bed, so here's the release version of DiceMan in The DiceMan Cometh, my first LD48 competition entry. I've had great fun doing this, even managed to get a decent nights sleep last night (much to my surprise, since Friday night was hell, I hardly slept at all).

Anyways, grab the final version HERE.

or you can download the .ZIP non-installer version HERE Add comment
Comment by alia on 2004/10/18 10:36:08.878 GMT+1000

Any chance getting it as a zip/tar/whatever?

Comment by dudleysoft on 2004/10/18 10:43:43.490 GMT+1000

It'll take a bit longer, I'll have to strip all the other stuff out of the directory before I can upload it, I made the installer script from one I had sitting around, it took a couple of minutes to get a working installer. I'll upload a .ZIP file with the same files in if you find it easier.