2004/10/23 02:07:57.319 GMT+1000

I've added the Linux builds of DiceMan, there's two flavours, a precompiled x86 binary release, and a source version, to make the source version simple untar change to the directory (DiceManSrc) and run make you can also use make install which will copy the game to /usr/local/games/DiceMan. You may get warning message about the last line of the source files not having carriage returns, dont worry about this, it wont stop the game compiling, and I can't be arsed fixing it, it's not a warning, it's just the compiler being overly pedantic about file format (something that a freeform language like C++ shouldn't even bother about, it's not as if it couldn't read the line).

You can download them here, along with the original windows installer.

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