2004/10/21 05:15:29.531 GMT+1000

Postmortem: DiceMan in The DiceMan Cometh

I started this game about 6 hours after the contest officially started, since I'm in the UK and the contest started at 3am, I was in bed at the time, fitfully trying to get some sleep, I got up and was ready to start at 9am BST. That's when I found out the theme was Random, and it was time to spring into action.

What Went Right:

What Went Wrong:


Yesterday I spent about an hour porting my game to the PS2 Linux kit, it ran really slowly, but I've fixed that now, and while not as fast as the PC version it's still pretty respectable, I'll release a linux source version soon, and possibly some pre-built versions including a PS2 linux version.

I'm looking at taking this framework and producing a real game, I've got an idea for a game and feel that with the code I already have I could make a really good game.
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Comment by Tomkh on 2004/10/21 09:16:56.561 GMT+1000

Just one little idea for your after-contest game... It's not really a bug in current version, just my thought. Since you are restarting entire level, for the first level it's better to not decrease your number of lives! Player can always restart whole game, so what's the point? It's just a pain for player to press ESC three times, and I have no idea, why other platform-like usually suck at this little thing too.