2004/11/14 19:10:46.258 GMT+1100

I have made a number of fixes to ChompDice and I think they improve the game substantially. The difficulty is much lower now and chompie's dice pushing ability been tweaked so it should be much easier to win.

One tip to this game is to train yourself to keep a running count of the dice in your head as you play. It's actually kind of like card counting, I think, with the pressure of trying to total the dice in your head building as you desperately try to move chompie in position. At least that's what it reminds me of, not that I was really ever decent as a card counter.

Another tip is to memorize the sides of the dice, because if you push a die with 5 showing to the left, the new face will match exactly what a real dice would (assuming you are able to get the angle right). If you do this, the game should become really really easy.

So anyway, now you get a star for each game you win in a row. See how many stars you can get. My record so far is 15!

Here is the new link and web site. This is the new permanent home for the game and I will release all new versions to this site.


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