See the proposal documentation.

Abstract (from the proposal documentation)

This document describes a proposed log message hub ("hub") and user interface ("UI") to complement the logging system described in [PEP282] and implemented in the python logging system.

The hub and UI would perform the following duties:

Note: it is not the intention of this proposal to implement a monitoring system like EDDIE. Monitoring of systems is performed by other components which generate log messages. It is the intention of this proposal to present those messages to users in meaningful and useful ways.

Note: it is not the intention of this proposal to add this functionality to the core logging implementation of PEP 282. The implementation of this proposal would form a separate installation of software.


See for an initial implementation that provides the Hub, Action and Receiver base classes. It also implements TCP and UDP receivers.

It uses a modified and

Test it with the server. Send messages to the server with (which uses logging.cfg).