This is a temporary place for me to put some of my PyOpenGL hackings. The stuff that's here at the moment has been created as a part of my learning how to drive PyOpenGL. Feel free to grab the source and play with it.

For those who can't read the source, the map is generated from two images, a 64-pixel-square height map and a 256-pixel-square colour map that's applied using texturing.

I hope to have some implementation notes up here some time ...

The ufo is pretty simple, though the controls need some work. The exhaust is a pretty standard particle thingy, using another image for the puffs.

December 22, 2001
some landscape
some more landscape
the map marker
November 18, 2001
at the beach
marker used for checking texmap/heightfield correlation
a valley
2001-12-20: ufo.tgz


Richard Jones, 2002.