Website unit/regression testing tool

Unit test your websites with code that acts like a web browser.

Features in a nutshell:

  1. Browser-like page fetching including fetching the images and stylesheets needed for a page and following redirects
  2. Cookies stored and trackable (all automatically handled)
  3. HTTP, HTTPS, GET, POST, basic auth all handled, control over expected status codes, ...
  4. DOM parsing of pages to retrieve and analyse structure, including simple form re-posting
  5. Two-line page-fetch followed by form-submit possible, with error checking
  6. Ability to register error page content across multiple tests
  7. Uses python's standard unittest module as the underlying framework

This is the home of the webunit code. The code comes with a README (see below) that should get people going, and also a couple of simple demo tests. There's some good (and not so good) docstrings throughout the code. Start with the README though, as an overview of what can be done.


Info: README.txt (html-ified)