Wed, 11 Jun 2003
Project planning, Python-style

I'm leading the development team at Common Ground - both in terms of spec / design and planning the project. I've done this before, and am fairly comfortable doing it, but in this instance I didn't have M$ Project readily at hand when it came to estimating the project timeline. This turned out to be a good thing since I ended up writing a simple task planner in Python. The initial cut took a few hours, and I've been refining it small since then (adding Milestores, and Stuart wrote a gantt chart HTML renderer too).

Stuff the code does:

So it's pretty rough & simple stuff, and modifying the dependencies is a bit of a pain without the visual cues that M$ Project gives (writing a GUI or at least instant-feedback rendering of dependencies would be a next step, and not at all difficult). But even with its simplicity, I've been able to give esitmates of the project's timeline - including being able to trivially pull out or add new team members and quickly show the result (ie. add in anew 'web' capable person). I might look into making an SF project for this... I dunno... I already have too many :)

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